Five Reasons Why You Should Start With Sentences

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1. Sentences represent thoughts. By learning English sentences, you start to THINK in English.

2. Using natural English rhythm will make your pronunciation clear. Other people will be able to understand you, so you can have many, many interesting conversations!

3. Learning sentences will help you remember English grammar and vocabulary more easily. When we practice sentences, we also practice using grammar and all kinds of words. The more we practice sentences, the more we remember!

4. Learning sentences will help you speak more accurately, with fewer mistakes. English sentences teach us good examples of how to use language just as native English speakers do.

5. Learning even one sentence well can give you a quick understanding of success. If you can say one sentence smoothly, correctly and accurately, then you know how to learn more and more sentences until you are truly fluent in English!

Start with sentences and you are on your way to speaking English fluently!

Of course, if you can already listen to and understand English stories, that's great! It means you have learned enough English sentences and can learn English from news stories, humor, and other reading materials. If you still have trouble with stories, you should read about how to practice English effectively. Study faster, learn more easily, and make fewer mistakes!

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