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Step 4.1 - Try LIVE conversation exchange online
Practice FREE with real English speakers. Learn about English conversation online here.

Step 4.2 - Learn English Conversation Skills
If you ever get stuck during a conversation, you need to practice English conversation skills. These will help you control the conversation!

Step 4.3 - Learn English writing
Writing is POWER! You can find general advice on how to be an excellent writer in English here and you can also study English compositions with Teacher's comments and corrections to help you improve.

Step 4.4 - Practice These English Conversation Topics
What can you talk about in English? Here are the most common topics with questions to help you get started.

Step 4.5 - Learn these advanced conversation "functions"
If you want to improve your ability to express opinions or talk about more difficult topics, then you should learn the most common speaking functions in English .

Step 4.6 - Learn from English videos
You can improve your listening comprehension with these funny English videos with short introductions.

Step 4.7 - Learn about Public Speaking in English
Some jobs require giving presentations in front of many people. Read this advice on public speaking for English learners.

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