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Step 3.1 - Learn English idioms and sayings
Every student should know the most common English idioms. If you work in business, you can learn common business expressions. Advanced students can learn English sayings and famous quotations to make your language more colorful.

Step 3.2 - Learn English Vocabulary in Context
Learn and remember words from English jokes and other English humor, especially these strange news stories which have vocabulary explained on the side.

Step 3.3 - Learn English word parts
Thousands of English words are made from Greek and Latin word roots as well as prefixes (word beginnings) and suffixes (word endings).

Step 3.4 - Learn the most common English words
Eighty percent of English conversation is made up of just 200 basic English words! Check to make sure you can use all of these important words.

Step 3.5 - Learn "Action English"
You will remember better if you learn English vocabulary through action sequences. Because they are logical, they are easy to understand and easy to remember.

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