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Step 2.1 - Learn to ask questions in English
If you learn the most basic English questions, you can start many interesting English conversations.

Step 2.2 - Learn basic English Sentence Patterns
By learning the most basic sentence patterns in English, you will reduce your grammar mistakes and be able to speak quickly and easily.

Step 2.3 - Learn the most useful English verb tenses
When you learn these English verb tenses, your meaning will be clear and easy to understand.

Step 2.4 - Learn to use longer English sentences
Now you're ready to use longer English sentences to communicate more effectively.

Step 2.5 - Watch these "fluency videos"
Try to repeat what you hear in Fluency Video 1, and Fluency Video 2, and Fluency Video 3, and Fluency Video 4. Can you say the sentences perfectly?

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