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Step 1.1 - Perfectly Natural English rhythm
You can learn to speak like a native English speaker. First, learn smooth English rhythm on this page, then you will speak more easily and fluently.

Step 1.2 - Learn English Dictations
My students' favorite way to learn! Listen to these English dictations and try to write down what you hear. Can you catch every sound?

Step 1.3 - Learn English pronunciation with "Shadow Practice"
This is another fun and easy way to practice English pronunciation! Doing this while watching TV and movies is the most entertaining way to improve your English.

Step 1.4 - Learn English vowels to help with rhythm and intonation
In English, five vowels (A, E, I, O, and U) make 15 different sounds in American English (and even more in British English!). Watch this video to learn English vowels used in American English, then watch Learn English Vowels, Lesson 2 to practice using those vowel sounds.

Step 1.5 - Learn the most challenging English consonants
The most challenging English consonants are /TH/ (hard and soft), /V/, and /L/ and /R/. Can you pronounce all of them? Another difficulty is pronouncing groups of consonants together ("consonant clusters"). Practice saying words such as "instinct", "contrast", "impress" and "strange".

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