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Learning a language is like learning to play a sport or learning to make music. You have to practice! If you cannot do the things on this page, then you have to practice more.

1. Can you use and understand the rhythm of English? Practicing English rhythm will help you in speaking AND in listening!

2. Can you hear and pronounce the individual sounds of English? Vowels are important for learning good English rhythm. Some difficult consonants cause trouble for students, expecially groups of consonants.

3. Can you catch whole sentences in English? Use English dictations to train your ear to catch every word in sentences.

4. Can you use the most common sentence patterns in English? You can practice the most useful English sentence patterns here.

5. Can you use English verbs when speaking? Try a fun exercise called TPR (Total Physical Response), a unique way to learn vocabulary, especially verbs, through sentences.

6. Can you use these speaking functions in conversations? Learn these conversational "functions", such as expressing opinions, explaining, contrasting, comparing and summarizing, which you can use any time and are also very useful for the IELTS exam.

7. Can you easily start many conversations in English? Use these conversation starters when you don't know what to talk about.

8. Can you have conversations on many different topics in English? Use these interesting conversation topics to have great discussions with anyone, anywhere.

9. Can you speak to hundreds of people in English? Sometimes in our work, we have to speak in public to large groups of people. Learn from these public speaking articles to give you the confidence to get the job done.

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