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Learn Clear English Pronunciation

1. Learn English rhythm first!
If you learn smooth English rhythm, the sounds will be easier to learn. To begin, try saying many English sentences using normal English rhythm. (Practice videos coming soon!) Even if you can't do it perfectly at first, you should still try. With practice, you will do it very naturally!

2. Learn English vowels to help with rhythm and intonation
There are five vowels in English (A, E, I, O, and U) but 15 vowel sounds in American English (and even more in British English!). Watch this video to learn about American English vowel sounds, then watch this practice video to improve your pronunciation of English vowels.

3. Learn these challenging English consonants
The most challenging English consonants are /TH/ (hard and soft), /V/, and /L/ and /R/. Can you pronounce all of them? Try these sentences and find out! Another difficulty is pronouncing groups of consonants together ("consonant clusters"). Practice saying words such as "instinct", "contrast", "impress" and "strange".

4. Develop fluent pronunciation with this advanced exercise called "Shadow Practice"
Doing Shadow Practice is a new way to enjoy very advanced materials and improve your speaking, even if you don't understand every word. Just try to follow the sentences you hear as naturally as you can. At the same time, you will also improve your listening skills dramatically!

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